2019: Straw Bale House in Frauenkirchen, Burgenland

In Frauenkirchen in Burgenland (near Neusiedlersee – Austria’s biggest lake) we will build this straw bale house with clay- and lime plaster.
Building Time: Spring 2019
Carpenters: Martin Büchler, Jascha Roosen, StrohNatur, Okambuva

FULLY BOOKED! ASBN Building Site Workshop Easter Holidays 2019: 12.-26. April 2019 (STEP U2/U5-Practice): Straw Bale House Infill in Frauenkirchen in Burgenland (near Neusiedlersee): We insulate the wooden post and beam construction with straw bales. The single-storey house stands on a strip foundation insulated with foam glass, has a straw bale ceiling with ventilated green roof and is plastered inside with clay, outside with lime. Part of the existing old building will be integrated into the conversion and extension and insulated with reed mats. Trainer: Herbert Gruber, Toni Auer, Viktor Gach, Gerhard Scherbaum, Karin Julia Haas, Jakub Dyn and others.

Languages: deutsch/english

Participation on Workshop: € 160,-/Person; € 80,- for Students, Accomodation and Food included. The (one-time) Registry-Fee is for the whole Building-Site-Workshop or parts. Free for STEP-Trainees 2019 (U2/U5). Travelcosts are not included.

Start Infill (U2 Practice): Friday, 12. April 2019, 12:00, End 26. April, 17:00

Gallery Foundation- and Carpenterworks: