June 2019: Straw Bale House in St. Georgen in Lavanttal, Carinthia

In 2019 we will build a straw bale house in Carinthia/Kärnten!
Carpenter, Straw Bale Builders: StrohNatur, Jascha Roosen, Martin Büchler, Okambuva a.o.
Infill & Plasters: StrohNatur

ASBN-Workshop in June

Building site-Practice-Workshop Straw Bale Infill

7.-14. June 2019: ASBN-Workshop in St. Georgen im Lavanttal, Carinthia: We build a straw bale house (with StrohNatur)!
Start: Friday 12:00, End: Fr 17:00
Program: Friday 7. June: Introduction in Straw Bale-Infill (in double post construction)
Saturday 8.- Fr 14. June: Straw Bale-Infill, Window insulation with hemp, plaster preparation with reed and Steico Underfloor, masking, wind- and airtightness, shaving and stuffing straw bales, elektricity in straw bale walls, installations, preparation for bath room, intermediate walls.

Participation on Workshop: € 160,-/Person; € 80,- for Students, Accomodation and Food included. The (one-time) Registry-Fee is for the whole Building-Site-Workshop or parts. Free for STEP-Trainees 2019 (U2/U5). Travelcosts are not included.

Start Infill (U2 Practice): Friday, 7. June 2019, 12:00, End 14. June, 17:00
Registration per EMAIL to: asbn@baubiologie.at (Straw Bale House St. Georgen)