July: Straw Bale House Ursula, St. Pölten/Lower Austria


Straw Bale House Ursula and Peter in St. Pölten/Lower Austria, mostly selfbuilt with StrohNatur-support (straw bale infill)

Building Site Workshop 3.-7. July: Straw Bale House in St. Pölten, Straw Bale-Infill.
The special feature of this construction is that we build a CUT construction around a load-bearing inner diagonal braced “barn construction”. This allows us to directly plaster the bales on both sides (without boards or planking).
Languages: german/english
Fees € 50,- (Food and simple/standard accomodation in (own) tent or in common rooms for free).
Infos & Registration: asbn@baubiologie.at.

Construction-plan by Herbert Gruber (StrohNatur):

Design by Anna Aichinger