Manos Ximeris

Leistungen: Lehmputz, Kalkputz, Tadelakt, Strohballenbau, Hanfkalkbau
Trainer Lehmputz, Kalkputz, Tadelakt, Strohballenbau, Hanfkalkbau

Manos Ximeris was born in the island of Crete, Greece. It was the island, the Minoan civilization and the architectural remains that inspired him to search and understand the properties of raw materials combined with the traditional methods and techniques. He is the co-founder of Minoeco, a plastering company and he specializes in strawbale, light clay and hemplime infill. In parallel with Minoeco, he is an IT specialist, actively working in this domain since 2001, working in System and Network Administration, and in technology troubleshooting. Combining the two passions of his life, Manos has built the ability and know-how in constructing safe and cost effective habitats. As an active member of Commons and DIY movements, his ultimate ambition is to achieve the prosperity of creation combined with the values of collegiality.