June 2018: Straw Bale House in Summerau, OÖ

Design/Architecture: Angelo Ferrara & Viviana Schimenti
Carpenter: Okambuva.coop (Mai/Juni 2018), Martin Büchler, StrohNatur

Ort: Summerau/OÖ

ASBN/StrohNatur Straw Bale- and Clayplaster-Workshop:
Begin Infill (U2): Friday, 8. June, 12:00, Fin 15. June, 17:00
Begin Clay Plaster (U5): Monday 18. June, 10:00, Finish 22. June 17:00

We insulate the double-storey straw bale house and plaster it with clay.
skills to learn: straw bale-Infill CUT- and Infill-construction, natural window insulation & plasters and plaster preparation (clay/earth, reed stucco)

Languages: deutsch/english

Participation on the Workshop (Basic knowledge in straw bale infill is needed): € 80,-/Person; € 50,- for Students, food and accomodation included (limited to 6 participants). The (one time) registration fee is for the whole Building-Site-Workshop as well as for part 1 (Infill) or 2 (clay plaster) alone. Free for STEP-participants (U2).

REGISTRATION per EMAIL to: asbn@baubiologie.at (Summerau)

Photos from Straw Bale Infill of the roof:

Photos from the construction: