You want to build (DIY) or have built your straw bale house and need support?
You have a limited budget?
You would like to make a workshop on your straw bale building site,
because building in teams/community is much more fun?

So, you are right here!

How it works:

  • As soon as you have a property (in view) or an existing, old house, which has to be (thermal) refurbished / external insulated, you may contact us. StrohNatur supports you in design, construction, building and organizes workshops on your building site, if you want.
  • You may cowork as selfbuilder or have StrohNatur built your house. Or you build it with workshop-participants who want to learn it or deepen their experiences. So you can safe a lot of money. But the main reason for building in a team/community is: it’s fun – to do it together.
  • We work and cooperate with professional craftsmen, and we offer our services modular. For example, if you have your own carpenter or designer, or you want to do the finishing by yourself, we offer just the rest. We offer you a variable team of craftsmen and professionals, which is following your needs and desires as well as your budget. If your budget vision is unrealistic, we tell you and help you to find solutions.
  • Nevertheless we only build quality, ecological as sustainable. We follow local / regional building laws and rules, and we help you to create your healthy, durable and comfortable home. We only build with natural materials (exceptions are wind- and airstops, membranes, meshes and glues – if necessary).
  • We start with foundation top level, but we make suggestions, how you could build a more sustainable foundation.
  • We build your house from base plate up to the roof (including roofing and rainwater protection) alone, with your help or in workshops. But always with a carpenter.
  • In refurbishment we offer the so called wrapping – the external insulation with straw in front of existing walls, with insulation-layers starting at 15 cm up to 36 cm. And of course we insulate your attic or the ceiling to a cold roof.