Next Straw Bale Workshops: How you can join us

Next Straw Bale Building/Earth- and Lime Render-Workshops
Start your STEP practice in sunny Algarve, Portugal!

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Preview 2024:

More info about STEP Training 2024 in Portugal

See also our StrohNatur preview 2024 some highlights:

Expected schedule for STEP courses and workshops 2024:

The workshops are nearly all fixed, some minor changes might occur due to weather-conditions and preparations, but you can already register without obligation, then we will inform you as soon as the respective date is fixed and you have a secure place: please send an email to

If you are interested in a Workshop or Training please send an Email to

Look back: Photos from StrawHenge Dome and Roundhouse in Prague, CZ, Summer 2023

More in Galerie Strohballendom in Prag

Photos from Straw Bale House (CUT-Construction, load bearing) in Kessel-Elk, NL

Photos from the refurbishment of a farm house incl. straw bale roof in Engelsdorf, NÖ, 2023

Straw Bale-Infill and Clay plaster Workshop in Burgenland, spring 2023

Photos from the Strawhenge Prefab-Workshop in Neunagelberg, NÖ, 2023

Photos from the Clay Plaster in Renovation-Workshop in Zemling, NÖ, 2023

Photos from the Straw Bale-Wrapping in Ysper, NÖ 2023

Photos from Straw Bale House in Föllim, NÖ (Construction, Base plate, Roof, Intermediate walls), 2022

Impressions from the straw bale house in Föllim in unserer Galerie

Photos from Workshop Load Bearing Round House in Gerersdorf, Burgenland, May 2022

Weiter zur Galerie Strohballen-Rundhaus-Workshop

Rückblick: Bilder vom Wrapping-Workshop in Yspertal, NÖ, April 2022

Weiter zur Galerie Strohballen-Wrapping im Landhotel Yspertal

Hier gehts zu den Galerien der vergangenen Workshops

Und hier siehst du Bilder der Virtuellen Baustelle in Ravelsbach

Die Virtuelle Baustelle ist Sieger beim Energy Globe Award NÖ 2015 (Kategorie ERDE)