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Next Straw Bale Workshops (details below):

Review: Photos from Modular Straw Bale House in Föllim, July 2022

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Review: Photos from Load bearing Roundhouse Workshop in Gerersdorf, May 2022

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Review: Photos from Wrapping-Workshop in Yspertal, April 2022

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Straw Bale-Practical-Building Site-Workshops 2022:
Straw bale house on screw foundations with straw bale floor slab in Föllim near Poysdorf/Lower Austria. In this workshop, we will plaster the straw bale walls with clay plaster on the inside (Sept. 12-15) and lime plaster on the outside on straw boards (Sept. 19-23). Registration for clay plaster and/or lime plaster at
Costs inclusive food supply and overnight accomodation for each 5-day-workshop: € 400, – and/or € 350, – for students and unemployed persons; without overnight accomodation or ÜN in the own tent: € 300/250 for food supply, Combi-price for Earth/Clay plaster and lime Workshop (10 days): € 700, – and/or 600, – for students; 10% discount for asbn members
Sept. 26-30: Straw bale house on screw foundations with straw bale floor slab and straw bale roof in our neighboring community Großmeiseldorf. Straw bale infill in wooden post construction, plaster preparation. You can register for this workshop at
Costs incl. food and overnight stay for the 10-day workshop: Overnight stay in shared room (single room on request, 10 nights): total € 400, – or € 350, – for students and unemployed; if you stay in your own tent: € 300/250 for meals; 10% discount for asbn-members
In Klagenfurt (Carinthia, AT) this modern straw bale house in prefab and infill construction with lime render facade will be build. The modular building with Lorenz Modules will be errected by the carpentry Bretis in beginning of October. We will infill the roof (most probably October 9-11) and will do the lime render (October 19-23) in a workshop. If you are interested, you can register for this workshop at

Preview 2023 – Planned Workshops, Trainings and Projects for next year
(if you are interested in one or more workshops, please write an Email and we keep you informed)

Planned Practical Workshops on Straw Building Sites 2023

More straw bale projects for 2023 on our preview-site:

Please register at (Herbert Gruber, asbn): You will receive an email with details and the ASBN account number, with the payment of the amount. As soon as you pay, your workshop participation is fixed.

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Galleries of past Workshops

Photos from Virtual Building Site in Ravelsbach

The Virtual Building Site in Ravelsbach is Winner at the Energy Globe Award NÖ 2015 (Category EARTH)