Herbert Gruber

Chairman of ASBN – austrian straw bale network (Österreichisches Netzwerk für Strohballenbau) and Co-President of ESBA (European Straw Building Association). Straw Bale Building and STEP trainer (practice and theory), designer (construction plans, websites, graphic design) and natural building consulter. Author (Bauen mit Stroh, Neues Bauen mit Stroh in Europa), research & development – partner at the Haus der Zukunft-Projekt “Wall systems made from renewable materials” (together with GrAT and IBO); has established the “Virtual Building Site” in Ravelsbach in a House of the Future-Project, where he makes regularyly workshops since 2008. Partner in the Leonardo da Vinci-STEP-project (with 9 European countries), BuildStrawPro-Project (FR, DE, SK, AT) for Straw Bale Training for European Professionals, the Erasmus+ project Jump! – Training for Change and ACTeco – Online Learning Eco Building Platform.


  • straw bale building consulting, straw bale builder
  • sustainable/ecological building-consultance, building physics
  • construction planning
  • workshop-trainer (straw bale, COB, clay plaster)
  • straw bale insulation for new buildings and renovation (wrapping)
  • COB and clay plaster