StrohNatur is an (international) team of straw bale builders, carpenters, architects, plasterers and other craftsmen from Austria, Germany, Spain, Greece, Czech Rep. and Slovakia, with the aim, to help to build affordable, sustainable and ecological straw bale houses. We offer workshops on buildingsites for straw bale building, clay / earthplaster, limeplaster and Tadelakt.

StrohNatur works in flexible teams in Europe, although our headquarter is in Austria. StrohNatur offers SBB consultance, workshops, weather it is a new building or a (thermal) refurbishment of an old one. We offer various affordable solutions in straw bale building – so that your own straw bale dreamhouse may become reality.

StrohNatur was founded by asbn-chairman Herbert Gruber, straw bale builder, researcher and developer since 1998 who is also engaged in training (workshops) for selfbuilders and professionals, national (Austria) as well as international (Europa).

Services (optional):

  • Consulting for Straw Bale house construction
  • Design (architecture) and planning optimization
  • Construction- and permit application for straw bale houses
  • Workshop-organization (straw bale building, earthplaster, limeplaster, COB, construction, bottlewalls, earthbags, wrapping, tadelakt)
  • Insulation with straw bales
  • Straw bale building workshops with 2-5 trainers
  • Finishing of straw bale walls and plaster-preparation
  • Raw installation
  • Workshop earth- und limeplaster with 2-3 trainers
  • Final plaster clay and lime
  • Tadelakt for bathrooms, kitchen, decorations