Costs of a Straw Bale House

So, how much does a straw bale house cost?

The answer can of course only be given vaguely, without knowing the exact plan. But the good news is: not much more or less than any other well-insulated (single-family) house. Those who initially calculate with around 2,400 €/m2 incl. soft costs (consultation, planning, energy certificate, submission, foreman) will probably be happy in the end that it has become a little cheaper than expected. Especially if help is given and some work is done with workshops. Furthermore: The bigger the house, the lower the price per m2. On the other hand: fully equipped Tiny-Houses probably cannot be built at this price, depending on the technology and equipment (heating, installations, WC, electricity, kitchen, …) – higher costs have to be expected.

Our offer (all modules can be booked independently):

Individual first consultation of the ASBN (per hour): 50,- € incl. (excl. km-money 0,42/km if it is on your place)
Show house inspection and advice from the self-builder Günter Fellinger in Russbach/Upper Austria: 50,-/hour incl. (advance booking required)
Consulting ASBN (Herbert Gruber) until start of construction for new building and renovation (incl. 1 site visit): 900,- € incl. (excl. km-money 0,42/km), for all questions concerning straw construction that arise during the planning phase.
Individual design/planning workshop for new building: 700,- € incl.
1 day, 9-17 o’clock in Ravelsbach according to the agreed appointment, at the end of the day there are 1-3 individual design variants, which were worked out together with the building family and can serve as a basis for the submission plan.
Submission plan: on request (basis is a dimensioned design plan and the cadastral plan of the property)
Timber construction plan for new building (according to dimensioned draft or submission plan): 700,- € incl.
as a basis for the carpentry and the material list/wood extract
Detailed cost estimate for new construction and renovation for each house variant: 700, – € incl.
includes all materials and work from the upper edge of the foundation to the finished house and an estimate for the foundation and the plumber (heating, water)
Material list with order links of all sustainable and ecological materials (incl. quantities) from the top edge of the foundation on the basis of the construction plan: 700,- € incl.
Energy certificate for new construction or renovation: 550,- € incl.
on the basis of the submission plan including building description (all wall, floor and roof structures and the window quality and sizes as well as the orientation of the building must already be fixed).