2016: Hobbithouse in the Alps, Salzburg

In the alps in Salzburg (AT) this hobbit house with green roof was insulated with straw bales. The walls were raised in CUT-technique (on local stone-foundations) and plastered with lime(putty) and clay Iinside by a local clay-plasterer).
Time: CUT-Construction (July 2016)
Straw bale infill and plasters (August/September 2016)
Team: Herbert Gruber (Consulting, Construction CUT-walls, straw bale infill), Peter Fleischhans, Jakub Jirku (straw bale infill), Paul Schulz, Mikka Fürst, Niklas Kirchler (preparation CUT-construction), Marta Rakowska and Manolis Ximeris (lime plaster)

Photos from infill and lime plaster (August 2016):

Photos from the preparation of the CUT-construction (July 2016):