2017: Straw Bale House with Paideuma-Dome in Enzesfeld, AT

This straw bale house with dome was built in 2017

Construction, wooden cladding and roof: Holzbau Erlinger
Design: Paideuma
StrohNatur-Services straw bale insulation in walls and dome; followed by reed-stucco and clay plaster on walls and ceiling.
Co-Working: Herbert Gruber, Victor Gach, Jakub Jirku, Spyros Panagos; Florian Steinleitner, Sabine Pilz (STEP Trainees)

Straw Bale-Clayplaster-Gallery (Photos: StrohNatur):

Straw Bale InfillGallery (Photos: StrohNatur):

Construction site: Fotos by Herbert Gruber

Design (Paideuma): images by Paideuma