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Practical Building Site Workshops 2018


26. March–6. April 2018 (Easter Holidays): Straw Bale House in a barn in Goggendorf; we build a straw bale house in a great barn and plaster it with clay.
Straw Bale Infill & Plaster (Clay/Earth)

Languages: deutsch/english

Practical Workshop, 5-10 days (basic knowledge is recommended): € 80,-; € 50,-/students one time fee (accomodation and food is not included).

If you have no practical experience, you can combine:
U1: 3 days introduction in straw building and clay-plaster (Feb., 21.-23.) + 5-10 days practice (March, 26. – April 6.): € 250,-/person; € 180,- for students.
or as part of the
STEP-Training (Unit 2)
U2: 5 days professional theory and introduction (Feb., 26. – March 2.) + 5-10 days practice (March, 26. – April 6.): € 580,–/person; € 370,– for students

or alltogether Combi-Price: U1+U2+U2 Practice: € 680,-/person; € 490,-/student


Ground floor- and construction plan Goggendorf:


9.-20. April 2018: Loadbearing Straw Bale Workshop with small standard bales in Sagunt (Valencia, Spain) in cooperation with Okambuva & ASBN

Sprachen: deutsch/english/spanish

as part of the STEP-Training (Unit 3)
5 days Theory and Introduction in load bearing building techniques  + 5 days practical workshop: € 740,–/person; € 660,– for Students


Gallery Okambuva in Sagunt near Valencia, Spain:

At the practical Workshops food and basic accomodation is included, if you do the STEP-Training.