Next Straw Bale Workshops: How you can join us

Practical Building Site Workshops

Next practical building site workshops in 2020 will be published soon here in detail.

The dates, as far as we know it now:

04.-11. April 2020: Straw Bale-Infill-Workshop (AT)
13.-17. April 2020: Clay plaster-Workshop (AT)

16.-22. May 2020: Straw Bale-Wrapping.Workshop (renovation, AT)
25.-29. May 2020: Lime plaster-Workshop (renovation, AT)

01.-07. August 2020: Load bearing Straw bale building (AT)
10.-14. August 2020: Clay plaster-Workshop (AT)

Registration Fee: € 160,-/80,- Students and unemployed persons for the whole Workshop or a part of it (for STEP-trainees free), incl. food and accomodation, Take care: limited places!
Fix registration at (as soon as you paid your fee, you are fix registered)

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