July: Straw Bale House Andrea & Sebastian, Ernstbrunn, Lower Austria

Practical Building Site Workshop planned for 7.-18. August: Straw Bale House in Ernstbrunn, Straw Bale-Infill & Plasters
The special feature of this construction is that an existing (too large) farmhouse is “hollowed out” (all partitions are removed), and under the large roof we build a straw ball house with flexible boxes. The space between new building and old walls is then a quasi-roofed terrace with openings (old windows become door openings).
Languages: german/english
Fees € 50,- (Food and simple/standard accomodation in (own) tent or in common rooms for free).
Infos & Registration: after the project-date is fixed

Preliminary Study (preferred option) by Angelo Ferrara & Viviana Schimenti (StrohNatur)

First preliminary study by Herbert Gruber: Straw Bale House as box on first floor of the old house (massive, bricks)

Pläne und Skizzen von Sebastian und Andrea Schmid