Load bearing Straw Bale Roundhouse in Burgenland, AT

In May 2022, an 8-day asbn workshop for a load-bearing round house made of straw bales with a reciprocal roof took place in Gerersdorf in Burgenland. 8 participants, including 6 STEPpers, the construction family Caro and Holger as well as 4 trainers (Herbert, Achim, Michael, Lisandro) built the almost 30m2 round house (6m internal diameter) on a circular foundation with foam glass insulation, straw bale walls and straw bale roof.

Carpenters: Achim Steiner, Walter Nutz (responsible)
Straw construction trainers: Herbert Gruber, Lisandro Moran (with the support of Peter Fleischhans and Mischa Mussler)
Clay plaster and lime renderetrainers: Heinz Michael Fischer
Trainees (helpers): Josef Podmolik, Ael Christien
Participants: Ael, Dominik, Hans, Joscha, Josef, Karsten, Max, Mike
Planning: Juri Kos