Straw Bale House Großmeiseldorf, Lower Austria

Design: Planning-Workshop of asbn (Juri Kos, Herbert Gruber) with owner-family (Max and Christina Götz-Mikus)
Permission Plan: Juri Kos
Conbstruction Plan: Herbert Gruber (asbn)

In Großmeiseldorf, neighbouring municipality of Ravelsbach, a straw bale house on screw foundations with straw bale floor slab, 36cm straw bale walls and straw bale roof (pent roof) will be built in September 2022. A Straw Bale-Infill-Workshop will be held here on 26 September.

Preparation Works: Excavation (Schusterbau), Screw Foundation (Fa. Lebau), gravel, canal, water, earth-cable/electricity: Max Götz Mikus, Herbert Gruber, Victor Lans

Design (Juri Kos, Herbert Gruber, asbn):